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1. General Flowsheet of soup pasteurization



Figure 1: Soup pasteurization.

2. Description of techniques, methods and equipment

The ketchup production is a typical seasonal industry because it is relating to the agriculture. The harvesting time is generally concentrated over a certain period of time (one month up to 45 days).

Process description:

  • Collection and charging:

Fresh tomatoes are harvested and shipped to the plant.

  • Washing and sorting:

Fresh vegetables are washed with water and rotten or crushed goods are removed. Special techniques of washing have been developed for a better preservation of qualities of fresh tomatoes.

  • Crushing, filtration and concentration:

Washed tomatoes are crushed into pulp and seed and peel are removed. This is followed by pre-heating and concentration to about onethird of the original volume. Instantaneous concentration is necessary otherwise the pulp would oxidize and discolour into a dark-reddish colour, loosing the savory, delightful colour of fresh tomatoes.

  • Homogenization and flavouring:

The concentrated pulp is homogenized and several additives such as salt, sugar spices or vinegar are added to give the pulp the typical flavour of ketchup.

  • Bottling and cooling:

The product is filled into bottles and cooled down to inhibit quality deterioration due temperature changes. Afterwards the bottles are packed into cartons for shipment.

The table shows the required materials anf utilieties for a plant which is designed to operate 40 days a year, with 10 days work done continiously round the clock and the remaining 30 days work done under a 12 hours/day schedule:


3. Temperature ranges and other parameters (table)


4. Benchmark data

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a) Changes in the process

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b) Changes in the energy distribution system

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c) Changes in the heat supply system

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