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Welcome to the "Matrix of Industrial Process Indicators"

What is the Matrix?

This is a free database. The Matrix of Industrial Process Indicators is designed as a decision support tool for process engineers, energy managers, energy efficiency experts for producing companies and experts in renewable systems. With this tool, the work with industry concerning energy efficiency and the identification of suitable solar applications can be supported.

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Who developed the Matrix?

The wiki web is based on previous projects of the Institute of Process- and Particle Engineering at TU GRAZ. The subsection food has been enhanced within the IEE project GREENFOODS under the coordination of AEE INTEC. Now AEE INTEC undertake the support for the Matrix due to their partnerships in other projects and therefore to provide further useful information. The database will permanently be updated and has the target to create an interactive community to easily exchange experience and data.

Which projects are involved?

GREENFOODS – ongoing (IEE project till 2015)

EnPro – ongoing (until 2017)

Solar Automotive – ongoing (until 2018)

You want to participate?

This database is a living document and we would appreciate your contribution, if you have knowledge or are one of the above experts. You are therefore very welcome to add information to our wiki web.

If you want to participate, just login or create an account.

If the administrator did not give you write access automatically and did not contact you, you should write them a message on with your name and your company/organisation where you introduce yourself and explain what will be your contribution. The administrator will give you permission as soon as possible.

Attention: If you make any changes in the Matrix, please click on "Page Preview" first, to check if the results are ok, and then click on the "Save Page"-Button.