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' ' ' Substrate ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '
Iron Steel Aluminium Copper Brass Alloys Other metals Plastic Printed Circuit Board
Steel coil Steel strip Steel wire Steel sheets Steel cast products
UNIT OPERATIONS Typical processes
CLEANING Pre-treatment Electropolishing x x x x x x x
Solvent degreasing x x x
Aqueous cleaning x x x
Pickling x x x x x
Etching and descalling x x x x
Electrolitically assisted pickling, activation and degreasing
Metal stripping x x
Rinsing x x x x x x x x x x x x
DRYING Post-treatment Drying x x x x x x x
OTHER PROCESS HEATING Post-treatment Heat treatment for hydrogen de-embrittlement x x x x
GENERAL PROCESS HEATING Boiler feed water pre-heating
HEATING OF PRODUCTION HALLS Heating of production halls
COOLING OF PRODUCTION HALLS Cooling of production halls
COOLING PROCESSES Cooling of process solutions
PAINTING Finishing Electropainting
Colour anodizing on aluminium x
Metal colouring x
SURFACE TREATMENT Main treatment Plating copper and copper alloy x x
Electroplating nickel x x x x x x
Plating chromium x x x
Plating zinc and zinc alloy x x x x x x
Plating cadmium x x x x x x x
Plating tin and alloy x x
Plating precious metal x x x x x
Autocatalytic plating x x x x
Immersion coatings x x
Finishing Oiling x
Anodizing x x
Sealing following anodizing x x
Conversion coatings (phosphate layer) x x x x x x x
Conversion coatings (chromium) x x x x x x x x x
Coating oxide (chemical blacking) x x x x x x x x
Brightening x x x x x x x x
Chemical milling x