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Matrix for surface treatment of metals and plastics - Sector information
Iron Steel Aluminium Copper Brass Alloys Other metals Plastic Printed Circuit Board
Steel coil Steel strip Steel wire Steel sheets Steel cast products
UNIT OPERATIONS Typical processes
CLEANING Pre-treatment Electropolishing x x x x x x x
Solvent degreasing x x x
Aqueous cleaning x x x
Pickling x x x x x
Etching and descalling x x x x
Electrolitically assisted pickling, activation and degreasing
Metal stripping x x
Rinsing x x x x x x x x x x x x
DRYING Post-treatment Drying x x x x x x x
OTHER PROCESS HEATING Post-treatment Heat treatment for hydrogen de-embrittlement x x x x
GENERAL PROCESS HEATING Boiler feed water pre-heating
HEATING OF PRODUCTION HALLS Heating of production halls
COOLING OF PRODUCTION HALLS Cooling of production halls
COOLING PROCESSES Cooling of process solutions
PAINTING Finishing Electropainting
Colour anodizing on aluminium x
Metal colouring x
SURFACE TREATMENT Main treatment Plating copper and copper alloy x x
Electroplating nickel x x x x x x
Plating chromium x x x
Plating zinc and zinc alloy x x x x x x
Plating cadmium x x x x x x x
Plating tin and alloy x x
Plating precious metal x x x x x
Autocatalytic plating x x x x
Immersion coatings x x
Finishing Oiling x
Anodizing x x
Sealing following anodizing x x
Conversion coatings (phosphate layer) x x x x x x x
Conversion coatings (chromium) x x x x x x x x x
Coating oxide (chemical blacking) x x x x x x x x
Brightening x x x x x x x x
Chemical milling x